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Mom and Dad

January 27, 2010

Now that the wedding is over and we have entered 2010, you have now been married 4 months already. Time is going by so quick. We wish you both love and happiness. May you have a long and happy life together. Always treat each other like you want to be treated and have an open line of communication. We will always be there for you.
Lots of Love,
Mom and Dad

Heather Harris

September 02, 2009

I'm so excited to see you guys. You are the best and you deserve the best in life!!! I am so glad I get to share your special day with you. 10 more days!!!! XoXoXo

Fabricio Sousa and Aaron Michal Bates

August 21, 2009

Hey guys, Aaron and I are very happy to have received the invitation. We will certainly try our best to attend the wedding! Best wishes,

Fabricio and Aaron.

Ron Howard

August 18, 2009

I wish you guys all the best -since you already have each other your off to a pretty good start.

best wishes

Jan & Rob

August 18, 2009

We hope that you will enjoy your "secret honeymoon". Have you guessed yet where you will be going ?? Sorry, no clues. If I gave you some clues then it wouldn't be a "secret honeymoon". Ha! Ha!


Jan & Rob

Lena Howard

August 18, 2009

Hey guys,

canīt wait to see you! I canīt believe itīs only 26 days until the wedding! Its gonna be so great!
You are awesome friends!!!
Love and miss you! :)


July 19, 2009

liked this very informative.... loks like it will be a great party.


July 19, 2009

From this day forward you love will be shared,
from this day forward you love will inspired
from this day forward you love will will be cherished by family and friends and new family that will come!!!

chris and sam

April 20, 2009

love ya


April 19, 2009

congradulations on your wedding lol